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Ear Stretchers

Ear Stretchers, Ear Expanders, Ear Tapers, Ear Gauges and Ear Stretching Kit.

We have a massive selection of ear stretchers at unbeatable prices. We are experts in stretching and are eager to provide our customers with the very best quality ear stretchers for a reasonable price. Also, we want to help you achieve the best results safely, which is why we’re keen to provide all our customers who purchase ear stretchers with plenty of good, helpful advice. It’s important not to rush into this process without knowing what you’re doing, and safety with ear stretchers is our top priority.

We have so much more to offer than just ear stretchers though. We also stock a fantastic range of flesh plugs and tunnels, spirals and rings, although ear stretching is certainly our area of expertise!

In a bid to offer you top quality products at a great price we ensure that we source all of our ear stretchers from reputable suppliers. All of our ear stretchers and other products are premium quality, so you can buy from us confident in the knowledge that you’ll be receiving an excellent product.

We also have a great range of starter kits, ideal for people who are new to ear stretching. These kits contain a selection of differently sized ear stretchers and some helpful information to get you started. They’re ideal for beginners and we would recommend them to anybody who has had no previous experience of ear stretching or even people who are looking to stretch their ears further.

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  1. Ear Stretching Kit - Six Piece - Jewelled - Black Acrylic

    Ear Stretching Kit - Six Piece - Jewelled - Black Acrylic

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